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Boston [MA] : Harcourt Children's Books, 2010.
1 v. (unpaged) : col. ill. ; 24 cm.
Presents the rhyming adventures of Piggie Pie Po.
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9780152024949 (trade)
0152024948 (trade)
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Author Biography

AUDREY WOOD has written more than thirty books for children. Together with her husband, Don Wood, she has created award-winning favorites such asThe Napping House, King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub (a Caldecott Honor book),and Piggies. The Woods live in Santa Barbara, California.
- (Houghton)

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Trade Reviews

Booklist Reviews

The energetic pig who cavorts through the three tiny stories comprising the Woods' newest picture book may look familiar to the collaborative couple's fans—he is clearly related to the 10 reddish-pink porkers from Piggies (1991). What's different, though, is the simpler artwork, drawn by Audrey Wood, then painted by her husband, Don. Piggie Pie Po is the star of almost every page, a fact made clear by the generous white space surrounding, and emphasizing, his actions. The rhymes about what he wears (bubbles in the bathtub), his smarts (in everything but tying his shoes), and a singular eating escapade (which ends when he encounters a red-hot pepper) comprise the plots of each tale. They merrily scan, making for a fun read-aloud experience: "He spilled the soup! / He didn't care. / He got it in his piggy hair." The accompanying porcine portrait, featuring an upended bowl between floppy ears and a self-satisfied expression on Piggie's face as he slurps at a drip, is laugh-out-loud cute. A little gem. Copyright 2010 Booklist Reviews.

Publishers Weekly Reviews

While the three stories in this picture book are short on plot, they are filled with high-spirited acrylic paintings and rhymes that focus on a single character. The first story features Piggy Pie Po wearing different costumes as he engages in various activities ("If he wears his rubber fins,/ Piggy Pie Po swims and swims"), while the second tale offers demonstrations of the pig's many artistic and academic talents ("For a penny he will spell/ pistachio and pimpernel"). In the last story, Piggy Pie Po goes on an eating binge, which ends badly when he eats a chili pepper: "So hot! So red!/ He ran straight home... and went to bed." Like calendar photos of a potbellied porker, the illustrations (drawn by Audrey Wood and painted by Don) flip by accompanied by rhymes that are akin to (and will be as easily memorizable as) a rollicking nursery rhyme. As exuberant as the pigs in the Woods' Piggies, this solo star will likewise appeal to toddlers, whether he's dancing in his "party pants" or playing a bongo drum in a hula skirt. Ages 3–7. (Sept.)

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