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Dark age
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Pierce Brown is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Red Rising, Golden Son, Morning Star, Iron Gold, and Dark Age. His work has been published in thirty-three languages and thirty-five territories. He lives in Los Angeles, where he is at work on his next novel. - (Random House, Inc.)

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The fifth book in Brown's Red Rising series, following Iron Gold (2018), finds the Republic that revolutionary hero Darrow worked so hard to create on the brink of collapse. Ten years after Darrow dismantled the color-based society that put the god-like Golds at the top, Lynsander, the grandson of the former sovereign, has come of age and allied himself with his grandmother's former cohorts, including the power-hungry Atalantia, who is attempting to pummel Darrow and his forces into submission on Mercury. Darrow's wife, Virginia, now the sovereign, is trying to keep order in the Senate on Luna, while their ten-year-old son, Pax, is being held as a hostage on Mars by the powerful Obsidians, who are attempting to consolidate power on the planet. Darrow's right-hand man, Sevro, and his wife, Victra, are concentrating on rescuing their daughter, Electra, who is being held alongside Pax. Told from multiple perspectives, including that of the sovereign, Virginia, Brown's latest is a big, relentless book, filled to the brim with blood, betrayal, and desperate gambits. Fans of Red Rising and epic space sagas in general will devour this. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

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